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Welcome to my travel log. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity
to visit travel to Japan in October of 2006 and Australia in March of 2007.

I was born in Sendai Japan and left as a small child. I visited Hokkaido,
Aomori, Tokyo and Osaka. In Tokyo, I visited the Nihon Ukulele Association.
I taught workshops and gave a mini concert. The best part was making
many, many new friends.

In Australia, I was invited to visit by Dan Roman, a former student of mine.
He arranged to have my tour in Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay. 

The first half includes some of my Japan photos. The Second half
recaps my Australia tour. Enjoy!

TOKYO, JAPAN October 2006  -Nihon Ukulele Association

Mr. Chu-san was preparing to release his
new album called, "Ukulele Smile"








The room was packed for my workshops. Mr. Chu-san
volunteered to interpret during my workshops, but
everyone seemed to follow along in English really
well. They were all were fast and enthusiastic learners. 

All the ladies danced so gracefully
with just a moments notice.

These guys appeared mild
mannered but they rock, they
roll and they boogie down!

I danced so much I ran out of hulas.


    The hula ladies had lots more dances.

They danced all night long. They made a
very magical evening just for me.

I got to spend some time getting acquainted
with Mr. Matt-san of the Nihon Ukulele Association.
Not only is he a great ukulele player, and music arranger,
but this guy played a smoking steel guitar!

Ukuleles for days! Mr. Chu-san & I visited a local music shop with a fantastic selection of ukuleles!

They had several Kenny Hill Uke Brand Ukes and a
nice stash of Graziano ukuleles too!

This sweet young man that rode the train
several hours each way, for two days in a row
 just to come and see me.

He totally made me swoon when he sang a beautiful
Japanese love song. Any wonder why I'm smiling?

Dinner at the Hawaiian Grille with a super entourage of ukulele players and hula dancers. Eating, drinking, hula dancing, more drinking...it was GOOD!

One of my fans was SO charming I just had to give
him one little kiss.



Matt-san's students and I jammed a couple of tunes
during class time. All of the students played with great
heart and obvious dedication.

AUSTRALIA, Sydney March 2007
My student Dan Roman moved to Australia and convinced me I needed to come and visit. He started his own ukulele club and had over 100 member after his first year. How could I resist such enthusiasm? I made a few friends along the way....





On the Ferry boat in Sydney Harbor just passing the Opera Hall with my host John Penhallow.

Having a good time teaching ukulele workshops.
Great turn out and great people. (right)




        After being interviewed I get hugged!

I didn't have any trouble making friends with the locals.

My band, The Hoolahs. They play lots of Hapa Haole tunes and they're great!

Here I'm playing drums for the Hoolas as they
performing their opener set for me.



   No, really... I was in Sydney. Not Ireland.
   Everyone treated me with such great warmth.
   I can hardly wait to go back.

Here I am getting ready to do my concert set.  

Some of the ladies take a break after hula lessons.
They worked hard! (above)

The sweet and creative Rose Turtle. She was my
hostess and also played an opening set for my show. (right)


I got to perform live on the radio twice! Lucky girl huh?

My new friend at the nursing home.

Rose Turtle & I sang for the folks at the local rest home. They
loved hearing American songs and even sang a few Australian folks songs for me!







 Rose Turtle Warms up for her opening act.

Lovely hula dancers learning the dance to Pearly Shells


Byron Bay

Hawai'i and Byron Bay are very similar. Same climates, warm water, sugar cane fields, even plumeria trees. Plumerias are
called Frangipani in Australia. I stayed with Max and "Von" Yvonne Pendergast who treated me just like family.


Vonnie and me hanging out just before my concert set.

Dan is a student of mine that moved to Australia a few years
ago. He got so stoked about the ukulele he started up his own club down undah. It was his doings that took me to the other
side of the world. On ya mate! Dan the Man!

Matt's a stellar guitarist who learned all
my material in an afternoon. He got so into
Aloha music he wore a flower in his ear
What a guy and what a trooper!

This handsome chap is Benhur. He's quite the crooner!

Dan's band the Blue Hulas

The lovely Lilith teaches hula in Byron Bay

I pretty much stayed sweaty most of the time.

The local outrigger canoe club came to the luau.
The ukulele club took a turn getting the boat to go.

The famous Azo Bell, Dan & I sporting t-shirts
designed by Margie Moran.

Not only did Long board Surf Champion Rusty Miller give
me a private surf lesson, he played drums for me too!

That's him on the right too.


My mornings were unscheduled so Von and I used the time to catch some surf.

My hula workshop was very well attended. I'm looking forward to seeing
everyone again.




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