Pa Mele 'O Hokulea 'Ukulele Academy

Come and play with us!

If you've ever wanted to play an instrument but were worried that the learning curve might be too much... think again. I can have you playing music by the end of your first lesson! No musical experience needed. My beginners course is designed for the first timer.

If you've already had some experience playing and would like to broaden your repertoire, my Intermediate class awaits you. We have a great time every week learning new songs, sharing the joy of making music.

All you need is your own instrument and the willingness to give it a try. I invite you to come and discover the thrill of making music for yourself! Whether you're interested in learning to play for personal interest or to become a part of the fast growing world wide community of ukulele enthusiasts, you'll find my classes a great place to start.

In the past, my students & I recorded two live albums. Not only was it big fun, but this class project was a great learning tool and I felt all the students made great strides forward with their musical skills. If you'd like to participate in possible future recording projects with us... join the group! We haven't set a date for the next albums yet, so stay tuned for more information.

To register for classes call or email me with your name, phone number and area code. Returning students may register at the first class meeting. Fees vary by location.

Private lessons are available Mon-Fri in Santa Cruz only. Availability is limited. 

Call me at: (831) 334-8537  or email me at: 

2010 Ukulele Class Schedule & Locations

Tuesdays in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Art League

526 Broadway
(1 block off Ocean Ave)


6:00-7:00  Beginners

7:15-8:15 Returning Students


Session 1  Jan  - Feb 9

Session 2  Feb 23 - March 30

Session 3  April 6 - May 11

 Session 4  May 25 - June 29

Session 5  July 6 - Aug 24

Session 6  Aug 31 - Oct 5

Session 7   Oct 12 - Nov 9    5 weeks

Holiday Choir Session
Nov 16 - Dec 14 
(meets 4 times-- no class on 11/23)


Wednesdays in San Jose

Yu Ai Kai Senior Center
588 North 4th Street

(Jackson Ave, cross street)


4:00-5:00  Advanced Beginners

6:00-7:00  Returning Students

7:15-8:15 New Beginners 

Session 1  Jan 6 - Feb 10

Session 2  Feb 24 - March 31

Session 3  April 7 - May 12

Session 4  May 26 - June 30

Session 5  July 7 - Aug 25

Session 6  Sept 1 - Oct 6

Session 7  Oct 13 - Nov 10    5 weeks

Holiday Choir Session
Nov 17 - Dec 15 
(meets 4 times-- no class on 11/24)


Student performance opportunities include:
The Hayward Ukulele Festival of Northern California (April)
The Festival of the Cement Ship (June)
Holiday Christmas Shows (December)

 All students wishing to participate in our concert performances should
be currently enrolled and must attend rehearsals.

Course Description

Beginning Ukulele: You do not need any musical experience. This course is designed for students who have never played an instrument before. It is also a great refresher course for those who have some experience playing the ukulele. Students will be able to play 2- 3 songs by the end of the first lesson. Each time we meet, we will build on the previous lesson and add new skills, with chords, and new songs. (IMPORTANT! Registration closes after the first class meeting. If you can not make the first class, please sign up for the next session).

Continuing Ukulele: This course is for students that can already play at least 8-12 chords proficiently. (If you need to ask "which chords?" you may not be ready. It's recommended you take the beginning class first). This class moves along. We focus on building song repertoire, learn new chords and developing advanced right and left hand techniques. Each 6-week session will feature a different theme of music (i.e. Rock, Hawaiian, Swing, Oldies, etc.). 

Class Objectives: Students will have a great time singing and learning to play the soprano, concert or tenor ukulele. (Sorry, my curriculum doesn't support the BARITONE ukulele-different tuning). We’ll cover a wide variety of music including, light Rock, Tin Pan Alley, easy Jazz, Hawaiian songs and more. Reading music is not a requirement nor will music theory be emphasized, however in the continuing classes we will occasionally explore basic theory elements to gain a better understanding of how music works. All classes are taught by watching, listening, singing and or course playing along.

Instruments/Equipment:  You must have a ukulele by the first class to participate. Please contact the instructor if you need information about how or where to buy a ukulele. Sorry, my curriculum does not support the baritone. Only Soprano, Concert and Tenor 'ukulele tuning.

It is HIGHLY recommended you bring a tape recorder to class. Recorded classes are helpful during practice at home and will help you learn new songs. 

Performance opportunities: Students are encouraged to sing and play for each other at our recitals nights (typically the last class of the session) where friends and family are welcome to join us. We also entertain as a group at public venues throughout the year. Musicians interested in participating should be currently enrolled to receive the set list program and participate in rehearsals.


Click here to open a Ukulele Chord Chart PDF   UkeChart.pdf